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- Patty R. -

Rose & the team at Patteson Insurance worked really hard to find the best insurance solutions for me. They truly care about me and it shows!

- RWS. -

Rose and her staff at Patteson Insurance are TOP NOTCH! When it comes to knowing your insurance you can depend on Rose to lead the way for your group - she is extremely knowledgeable and clearly loves what she does, and that's serving us - her customers. I would refer her to anyone because I know first hand what she is capable of!

- Tom S. -

The Patteson group has been great to work with, for me and my employees. For me, health care and insurance are the subjects I LEAST want to deal with, but Rose and Jessica make it easy. Both are very knowledgeable about the Affordable Care Act as well as numerous types of plans and programs for individuals or for business owners. At the very least, it is worth giving Patteson Insurance a call talking to them about your insurance situation, and seeing if they can help you. You really need someone you can count on, and I recommend Rose Patteson and her team at Patteson Insurance.

- Laurie S. --

Rose and her daughter are super sweet and so helpful! This company is very professional! They do everything they can to work with you and try and help you find the best plan for you!.

- Stephanie B. -

I've known Rose for many years, back to the Upchurch and Jowers days (the 90's) and I'm glad to see her doing so well. She's a down to earth honest person and doesn't sell what she doesn't believe in. Always has been a go-better and takes care of her clients with a personal touch. Go see, or call. The Patteson Agency! They're great!

- Elizabeth W. -

Patteson Insurance has helped me with health insurance for a few years. I can always count on them to make sure I meet enrollment deadlines and to help me choose the best plan. They make health insurance for self employed people much simpler! Thank You!.

- Renee G. -

Patteson Insurance manages our business insurance. They provide excellent coverage at competitive rates. To top it off, they are very hands-on - and provide some of the best customer service you will find!!

- Natalie G. -

Rose is wonderful!! She went above and beyond to help me get health insurance. She made the very complicated, tedious task of choosing health insurance a breeze. She was honest, showed sincere concern for my well-being, and was very knowledgeable. If you are needing insurance...look no further than Patteson Insurance!

- Cara M. -

I highly recommend Rose! She helped me get accident insurance money that was owed to me for over a year, within 2 weeks. She took the time to call and find out what else was needed and then kept calling them until the claim was processed! I can’t thank her enough!

- Sherri W. -

Our family was struggling to understand all the different insurance "choices". Rose took charge, explained everything and found the plan that best fit our needs. Wonderful customer service! Thank You!!.

- Elizabeth W. -

Rose and Jessica are so helpful and are very personal! They are great to help with individual insurance plans. Rose clarified the process and helped me feel confident choosing an insurance policy that fit my needs. I’m greatful for the patience and responsiveness they provide!

- Amy K. -

Patteson Insurance handles the Chamber’s employee insurance and as an employer, I can’t say enough about how helpful they are. Not only do they review the plans with us each year but they also help us with individual filing issues and questions so that we can maximize our benefits. I would highly recommend them due to the quality service and care they provide.

- Janet L.. -

I enjoy having insurance with Patteson Ins. Rose, Jessica and other staff manage our health insurance. They are always on top of the details, so I don’t have to be. I’m like so many business owners, always short on time. Their support, and willingness to help with the details are invaluable.

- Tabitha C. -

I am new to the area and really needed help figuring out my insurance. Rose has been AMAZING! She spent way more time than she had to going through my options. She has helped me with things she absolutely didn’t have to. So basically, she goes above and beyond to make sure you understand and are satisfied with your insurance. I’m so happy to have found her!

- Paula P. -

As an Administrative Assistant for a small business in Columbia SC, I worked with Patteson Insurance Agency for our health insurance for over 12 years. They were very easy to work with, quick with answers, and dependable in a crunch. They were always willing to educate me on insurance matters so that I make intelligent decisions. Whenever our employees needed additional help, they were right there willing to give them the same sort of individual attention. As a retiree, I still have a policy with them and they are still as great as ever!

- Jennifer M. -

The best customer service imaginable.

- Linda F.. -

Rose was great to work with. She made everything easy to understand. It gets confusing when making these decisions so it really help to have someone so knowledgeable to take care of me.

-Sandy S -

Rose and her staff are amazing. They were incredibly helpful to me during a very trying time in my life. They are professional, yet the experience feels personal. I felt they really cared about me and my situation. Just wonderful folks

- Justin E.. -

"I highly recommend Rose! She took her time to help me understand all the health and life insurance options for my family during the ramp-up of our small business. She was very easy to work with, and I feel that she had my best interests in mind throughout the insurance selection process.".