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Group Enrollment

Employee Group Enrollment periods can be tough - Patteson Insurance can help you plan, organize, and implement a successful Group Enrollment period to help your employees get the best experience and options possible.

As an employer who offers insurance benefits, you are responsible for conveying benefit-related information to employees during open enrollment.

  1. Notify your employees about open enrollment before it starts. That way, employees can prepare for coverage changes. And, you must tell employees how long open enrollment lasts at your business. Let employees know that, for the most part, they cannot change their plans outside of open enrollment.
  2. Tell employees about their insurance plan options for adding, changing, or removing coverage.
  3. Discuss which employees are eligible for adding insurance benefits. Talk about single plans as well as family plans. Explain participation rules for employees’ spouses.

Employees can switch plans during health insurance open enrollment. You may offer health plans with varying deductibles, copays, coverage, and premiums. Make sure employees know how much they need to contribute each pay period to the plans. And, explain out-of-pocket expenses employees may need to pay when they seek medical care.

For example, employees might have the option to choose between a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) and a traditional preferred provider organization (PPO). You would explain that HDHPs have higher deductibles and less expensive premiums than PPOs, then give details about payment differences.

If employees want to cancel their insurance plan, tell them when their current coverage ends.

Employee Group Benefits Open enrollment usually lasts a few weeks per year, depending on your carrier. For the most part, open enrollment takes place toward the end of the year, and the changes take place at the start of the following year.

During open enrollment, employees can make changes to any insurance-related plans you offer, including health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance plans.

Let Patteson Insurance take the pain away from managing Employee Benefits Open Enrollment.

As our client, you will have access to our HR/Benefits Management System, Employee Navigator.